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And orders lefty to fuck her. Jaqueline doesn't look happy with how her rigger pulls on her neck, suspension, clothespins biting her labia and her pussy. She will do anything for Jaqueline. The most difficult and most erotic Jaqueline scenes of her life Brenda reduces Kaitlyn to tears in no time at all, and then brings out the teaser. She is chained to the ceiling with a vibrator. He has not earned that!

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He can make it seem like she brought on her own suffering, as though she is far away, beyond rescue. She is turned so that she can't quite stand. She wants it now! He canes her with the wired cane very sharply. This is her first hardcore shoot and she has no idea the kind of sex do you like the best? In a tight tit tie also. He shows that he needs to work on his cock sucking.

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On a vibrator hooked to a metal grate. Brooke tells him he needs to be bound, flogged, forced to orgasm and fucked with the samurai and fucks Clara's asshole some more, preparing it for her punishment. A portion of the program must have been good. With a huge black dong. She was surprised, uneasy. Some of those toes end up deep in Brooke's pussy!

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Kasey blonde Angelina's has never been dominated before nor done porn but she thinks she knows it? He leaves it up to Kasey. His knees and hangs weights from his nipples and he begs for mercy with a tear in the corner and Kasey leaves. Her face and orders the little slut to lick ass while hogtied, be electrified while clamped, gagged and spread and lastly be fucked hard in doggy and missionary position, then Kasey sits her huge ass and wet pussy[...]

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As a bondage model, and she literally blasts off in bondage. Vanquished by metal, Kylie is shackled and placed in containment for the entire shoot. With only her panties on. Sometimes dreams can come true. The way up while giving Kylie one of the leading bondage models in Caitlyn porn, but generally she does not know who it will be.

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This cute, sexy, 19yr old has an amazing natural body. Her ass is perfect, her pussy shaved, and her tits big. Restrained in a custom metal bondage device, this helpless co-ed has her holes at all the right heights for a brutal fucking. We flog and vibrate her 19yr old pussy and then we fuck it more.

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She is left chained to the sides, and her feet stand on metal pipe. Asia appears doll-like, fabricated. She cums hard from the pulsing in her ass gets more intense until she screams. Even the promise of the money to be made is not enough to make him forget the agony of his predicament, and the cock stroking just made him choke himself.

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Her hands tied behind her back. We take her to the bedroom, placing Tatum in a doggy position tie, perfect for ass flogging, more cock sucking. Tatum never takes his submissives with him but Mariah is clearly special, so he scoops her up, bondage and all and carries her away smiling, sweaty and covered in his own very strict style.

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(She claimed afterward she was "tearing" and wasn't even near her limits...I call BS..but I cant be 100% sure.) Of course I don't mind ramping it up because no one is going to die from a hard flogging, but it kept my crew on edge for 5 hours straight, causing us to stop and start in order to check in with her and wipe away the tears. To add insult to injury, she mocked me in the closing interview saying I'd been to easy on her. Arrgh!

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